Skin needling with Dermapen is the only treatment you will ever need to achieve perfect skin. For those who are not aware of the latest beauty treatments, skin needling is the most popular skin rejuvenating procedure as of late. This procedure has the ability to improve overall skin condition by stimulating the body’s natural healing process.


Skin needling or dermaneedling does not rely on external factors such as laser or harsh chemicals to produce the best skin renewal results. To learn more about skin needling and the benefits of using Dermapen, continue reading.


  • Dermapen is a breakthrough microneedling tool that addresses the most common skin concerns


Dermapen is a revolutionary skin pen that aims to treat the most common skin conditions. It promises a safe, effective and painless skin rejuvenation experience that delivers fast results that other traditional aesthetic treatments fail to produce for its clients.


Skin needling benefits men and women who suffer from the following problems:


  • Premature skin ageing signs and symptoms such as wrinkles, fine lines, dark spots, and dry skin.
  • Scar formation as a result of cystic acne, surgeries, and stretch marks.
  • Treats pigmentation anomalies such as in the case of melasma.


The use of a skin needling pen such as Dermapen is not only limited to solving skin aeging and scar formations, it is also recommended for clients who wish to solve minor skin concerns such as skin dryness, dullness, and uneven skin tone.


What makes Dermapen the best microneedling tool?


The high demand for more effective skin rejuvenation procedures prompted the creators of Dermapen to produce breakthrough equipment that unlike any other. Although there is no shortage of skin pens on the market today, Dermapen is far above it’s competition for the following reasons:


  • It promises a non-invasive and painless experience for its clients.
  • It utilises the body’s natural healing process, rather than relying on external factors such as laser and chemical peeling solutions.
  • Dermapen treatment is generally cheaper than traditional skin treatment such as laser resurfacing and chemical peels.
  • Undergoing microneedling with Dermapen is painless and involves minimal to no recovery time.


With all of these Dermapen features and benefits, you should not hesitate to try it sooner than later. To know about the location of the nearest Dermapen skincare provider near you, visit us here. For enquiries, you may reach us on +61 2 9889 3636!